Welcome to our hand-crafted Nisse doll page. Nisse come from the traditional folklore of Scandinavia. In fact, forms of nissen can be found all over Northern Europe. We have fashioned these "little people" into handmade dolls to carry on their rich tradition. They are said to bring good fortune for anyone lucky enough to have one stay with them. By bringing one into your home, they will protect and care for you.

Because they are all hand made, each doll is different. The adults stand about 12" high while the babies are only 6" tall. All are sewn by descendants of Norwegian immigrants. We are always on the search for Norwegian sweaters that are no longer suitable for wearing. These sweaters are then recycled into clothing that the dolls wear. Even the buttons and clasps that decorate some are originally from Norway. The babies are dressed in a bunting and wrapped in a blanket with an embroidered rosemaled design.

Each doll also comes with a card tied to their wrist and a space where you'll give them their new name. We've provided a list of names from our genealogy, but hope you'll have names to choose from your own family tree.

We hope you will purchase a nisse for your family and enjoy a long and friendly relationship with him or her.


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